Sardinia’s Wine Country: Tasting Tours and Vineyards

June 8, 2023By Bellarome Travel

Sardinia, an extraordinary island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, is a small continent brimming with captivating history and enchanting landscapes. With its mountains, plains, woods, fields, rocks, and sandy beaches, this island offers a diverse range of natural wonders. Sardinia boasts a single desert and Europe’s longest canyon, as well as numerous microclimates, hundreds of plant species, and dozens of animal species found nowhere else on Earth. It is truly an ancient and magical place that enthralls all who visit.

Discovering Sardinia’s Wine Continent


Sardinia’s agricultural production holds viticulture in the highest regard. While table grapes are scarce, the island excels in producing exceptional quality wines. Among the most important and well-known autochthonous grape varieties are Vermentino and Cannonau. However, wines crafted from Monica, Carignano, Cagnulari, Bovale, Moscato, Vernaccia, Nasco, and Nuragus are equally remarkable, evoking emotions that engage all five senses.

Therefore, Sardinia stands as an authentic wine continent. Join us as we explore some of the prestigious wineries spread from the northern to the southern reaches of the island.


Siddura: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Siddùra boasts nine labels

Located in the heart of Gallura, in northern Sardinia, near the charming medieval village of Luogosanto, Siddùra winery (meaning “saddle” in Gallura dialect) was established in 2008 by Nathan Gottesdiener, a German entrepreneur from the fashion industry and an ardent admirer of Sardinia. During one of his journeys, Gottesdiener stumbled upon an abandoned property spanning 200 hectares and acquired it with the vision of creating a cutting-edge underground cellar that respects traditions, the environment, and the landscape.

In 2011, a mere three years later, Siddùra unveiled its first creation, Vermentino Maìa, which swiftly garnered a gold medal at the Decanter 2013 competition. Today, Siddùra boasts nine labels, all of which have received prestigious international accolades. Notably, their selection includes a passito and a novelty: a Nudo rosé based on Cannonau.


Silvio Carta: A Legacy of Distinction

silvio carta vernaccia

Silvio Carta winery thrives in an area known for cultivating fine vines and the spontaneous growth of medicinal plants in the province of Oristano, central Sardinia. Established in the 1950s by Silvio Carta himself, it has since become one of the island’s most prominent wineries. Silvio Carta winery tirelessly champions the value of Vernaccia di Oristano DOC, making it the preeminent producer of this esteemed wine. Additionally, it is the fourth-largest distillery in Italy, crafting gin, grappa, vermouth, bitters, and distillates from Vernaccia Riserva. Each product utilizes botanicals and raw materials sourced exclusively from the winery’s botanical garden, epitomizing Sardinia’s fragrances, flavors, and untapped potential. Today, these offerings serve as contemporary ambassadors, captivating wine enthusiasts worldwide.




Pala: A Historic Winery Celebrating Sardinian Heritage


Situated in Serdiana, in the province of Cagliari, the historic Pala winery embodies the essence of the authentic and mystical Sardinia. Over the years, Pala wines have become the quintessential expression of southern Sardinia, a region often overlooked by many wine enthusiasts. Nestled within the municipality of Serdiana, Pala extends its five vineyards over approximately 100 hectares, preserving the family’s longstanding passion for viticulture.

The Pala family’s journey into winemaking began in the early 1900s with Battistino Pala, born in 1873. However, it was Battistino’s son, Salvatore, who founded the winery in 1950. In 1980, Salvatore’s son, Mario, took the reins and embarked on a mission to enhance the quality and production of their wines. Mario introduced the cultivation of Nuragus and Monica grapes, which proved to be successful. Additionally, he planted Vermentino, which received the esteemed “3 Glasses” recognition from Gambero Rosso for their Stellato Cru. The Cannonau, with its award-winning reserve, and the indigenous Bovale, cultivated ungrafted on the sandy soil of the Terralba area, also showcase Pala’s commitment to preserving Sardinia’s viticultural heritage. Notably, Pala’s ungrafted vines retain their original roots and stem, further enhancing the authenticity of their wines.

Pala winery’s approach revolves around exalting and refining the unique flavors of Sardinian grape varieties. While international grape varieties are sparingly used in their production, the focus remains on highlighting the distinct characteristics of Sardinian vines.


Sardinian vines

Sardinia is not merely an island; it is a captivating continent of its own. Its rich history, diverse landscapes, and enchanting allure make it a truly extraordinary destination. Furthermore, Sardinia’s viticulture is a testament to its unique identity, with wineries like Siddùra, Silvio Carta, and Pala embodying the essence of this ancient land.

Whether it’s Siddùra’s innovative yet traditional cellar, Silvio Carta’s commitment to showcasing the flavors and aromas of Sardinia, or Pala’s preservation of indigenous grape varieties, these wineries offer a remarkable wine experience that reflects the magic and heritage of Sardinia.



Indulge in the wines of Sardinia, embark on a sensory journey through this Mediterranean paradise. Each sip tells a story of terroir, traditions, and passion for winemaking. Let Sardinia’s continent of wine captivate your senses, while its family-friendly activities and stunning attractions create unforgettable memories. Contact our Sardinia travel experts to plan your itinerary and explore our predesigned tours.



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