Sardinian Christmas Rites

December 20, 2023By Bellarome Travel


 Embracing Pasca de Nadale and Paschixedda

 Embracing Pasca de Nadale and Paschixedda

Sardinia, with its rich agro-pastoral culture, unveils a tapestry of traditions during the festive season, especially on Christmas Eve, known as “Sa nott’e e xena” or the night of dinner. This celebration, deeply ingrained in Sardinian hearts, serves as a poignant reminder of the warmth derived from familial bonds.

The Warmth of Hearth and Heart

In the Sardinian language, “warm night” refers not only to the physical warmth of the crackling fire but also to the emotional warmth shared among loved ones. This tradition dates back to ancient times when it was believed that the fire in the fireplace summoned not only farmers and shepherds from the mountains but also the souls of departed loved ones.

As echoed in the works of the renowned writer Grazia Deledda, a piece of bread and a jug of wine were left on the table throughout the night, offering refreshment to the spirits of the deceased. Today, family members continue to gather around the fireplace on Christmas Eve, savoring traditional Sardinian delights such as cheeses, pork sausages, lamb, and roast kid with offal.

A Feast of Tradition


The festive dinner holds a special significance, and it is customary for everyone, including children, to partake in the feast. Legend has it that children who fail to finish their meals risk encountering a mischievous hag, ready to test their empty stomachs with a hot skewer. Post-dinner, families engage in board games like “Su Barrallicu” and “Sa tombula,” fostering an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

Midnight Mass: Sa Miss’e Puddu

As the clock strikes midnight, the Sardinian community congregates at the Church for the Mass of the first crow of the Cock, known as Sa Miss’e Puddu. The winter solstice adds a mystical touch to the night, believed to bring blessings to pregnant women. The conviction persists that children born on Christmas are less susceptible to illnesses or physical ailments.

 Weaving Community Traditions

While these beliefs may be rooted in folklore, they remain an integral part of Sardinian Christmas celebrations. The Church, adorned with festive decorations, becomes a hub for community members to reunite with friends, neighbors, and relatives not present at the family dinner. This shared experience emphasizes the essence of community, woven into the fabric of Sardinian Christmas celebrations.

In Sardinia, Christmas isn’t just a holiday; it’s a time-honoured celebration that weaves together past and present, tradition and togetherness that withstands the test of time.

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