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Porto Rotondo

Lecce Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo, part of the municipality of Olbia, is, together with Porto Cervo, one of the symbolic locations of the Costa Smeralda.

In the summer, the social life of Porto Rotondo is very lively, with events and appointments in the most fashionable clubs that follow one another throughout, making the holiday complete, fun and unforgettable. The town becomes the summer red carpet of the Italian and international jet-set, host of the splendid resorts overlooking the harbor. The port itself and all the properties around it were built in the early 1960s at the behest of Luigi and Nicolò Donà delle Rose, members of an important Venetian family, and other entrepreneurs. The structure of Porto Rotondo is partly modeled on the Venetian one just to pay homage to the city of the Donà delle Rose and it is no coincidence that there is a “Piazzetta San Marco”. Between resorts and private properties, Porto Rotondo reaches a peak of 32,000 people in August, confirming itself as one of the most popular tourist resorts in Italy.

Porto Rotondo is a magical place suitable for everyone, capable of thrilling in the warm months as in the winter ones, to be discovered at walking pace, by bike, by boat, between an ice cream at the port, an aperitif at sunset and a delicious dinner at based on local specialties.


Attractions in Porto Rotondo

Church of San Lorenzo

Spectacular church created in pine and granite, still evolving, one is fascinated by the particular beauty and history of its construction, the Church of San Lorenzo was created and designed by the sculptors Andrea Cascella and Mario Ceroli, and it is accessed via a solemn flight of steps. The megalithic cross, located at the entrance, and the altar are works made entirely of granite. The interior of the church has the shape of an overturned ship hull with thousands of figures, shaped in Russian pine. Details such as the tree of life, the Last Supper, the flight into Egypt and the Last Judgment are depicted.

Punta di Volpe Beach

The beautiful beach of Punta Volpe is a beach that reaches approximately two hundred meters, and is located in a very suggestive context, namely that of Punta di Volpe and the promontory of Mount Ladu, within which the town of the famous Porto Rotondo has developed. The beach is made of medium and fine-grained golden sand, bordered by schist and granite rocks. The sea is blue-sky blue, slightly transparent on the shore, and dotted with suggestive outcropping rocks; the seabed is instead mixed, both sandy and rocky.  Its emerald-colored waters, not very rough, and the cliffs that surround it make it particularly attractive to all lovers of underwater activities.

Ira Beach

Ira Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Porto Rotondo, an exclusive tourist resort built in 1967 in a spectacular natural bay just 15 km from Olbia. it is considered by all to be the most beautiful beach in Porto Rotondo.

Located in Punta Nuraghe, the extreme tip of the promontory that separates the Gulf of Porto Rotondo from that of Cugnana, it is a beautiful beach of warm white and fine sand that contrasts with an incredibly crystalline sea and fabulous shades of green and turquoise, which run in a play of colors enhancing the beauty of nature. The shallow and sandy seabed is ideal for children to play and bathe in.


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